Lee’s Happy Dances


Welcome. I have two videos to introduce current me and old me. Not much has changed, except that I’m fatter and I box.


I’ve decided to start updating the video each time I lose a bit of weight. I’ve lost four pounds.

Update 1 (248 lbs)

The Original (252 lbs):

In 2006, I was still just a weirdo. But, about 50 pounds lighter.

I have happy songs. Some songs energize me to help my workouts. This one energizes me to just dance. In the car, on a plane, walking, running or–in this case–in my bedroom. I can’t seem to control my face with this song. It just morphs into a weird, creepy, eerie happy face. Will you join me? Tag it #XN3CITY if you do!

Follow Lee Almodovar, if you dare, on Twitter: @eccentriclee. You’ve been warned.

Whitey Is Not Lost!

We found him at a local shelter two weeks ago, three days after he wandered off on his doggy adventure. He was fine but hadn’t eaten in those two days and managed to get himself quite dirty. He weighed in at 55 lbs (his normal is around 58 lbs), and looked quite sad but otherwise fine. He was extremely excited when he saw us. Thanks to Pet Harbor for providing an easy way to search all the shelter databases for him. And thanks to everyone who spread his flyer around.

Since his disappearance and being found, he’s been chipped and is wearing a Tagg Pet Tracker GPS collar system, so we can not only track him if he ends up at a vet or at a shelter, but also track him in real-time via GPS if he gets out. He’s also got an appointment to be groomed this weekend.

I’m thinking about adapting his adventure into a small webcomic, but it’s really hard to conduct interviews with him when he’s SO DAMNED HAPPY WALKIES NOW.

Whitey is Lost

My dog, a chow-mix/mutt, Whitey is lost. He got out and started trotting happily towards the corner of Adams and Orizaba in Paramount, CA and disappeared. We searched for two hours in the morning before we gave up and started calling places and posting his picture everywhere. He’s 10 years old, not neutered, male, yellow-orange fur with orange ears, his right ear is floppy while the left one is erect. He’s got a small about of fuzz on the top of his tail and a bit more below, very fluffy and quite soft. Very friendly towards people and other animals, but does not come to strangers when called. Might answer to Hodor (we found that out yesterday). Was wearing his blue collar, but doesn’t have his ID Bone on it (fell off yesterday). He’s got a fast trot, but is pretty easy to catch if you can keep up with him. He’s got a chapped black nose and brown eyes.

Please contact me at lee@recycledsushi.com if you find him. We just want him back.

Please post these flyers if you can: Whitey-141373673