Monthly Archives: August 2011

Orangina Furries

Random things I find online. Just in case you hadn’t realized by now that I’m a furry. Not a psychotic, animal-trapped-in-human, delusional furry. Just a more normal version of them. Almost a sane one. Puma: Bear: Lion: Now, is it just me, or was the Puma and Bear commercials the utter sexiness. […]

Sketch Work

So, I decided to take part in the Sketchbook Project 2012 and have received my sketchbook in the mail. I have a few months to fill it up with my topic of choice: time travelers. I haven’t decided wholly what this means for me, but for the time being, it’s transplanted technologies in other times […]

SDCC Video

I was missing San Diego Comic Con when a friend posted a photo compilation video of the weekend. She gathered photos from myself and countless others to summarize the happenings of that amazing weekend. Another friend put it best, it’s humanly impossible to experience everything that convention offers. Tweet

Make Me Dance

Just one of the random things I find on the internet when I’m clicking the StumbleUpon button. You can now make me dance to addictive music from Swedish band Fulkultur. Make Lee Dance Isn’t that fun? Tweet