Monthly Archives: September 2011

Country Conversation

Christine and I had a conversation substituting country names for regular words. After a few hours, it finally ended in just sheer oddness. *Ahem* I’m also gay, hence the first one. Tweet

Dating Update

I have three guys hitting on me…and it’s awesome sauce! I don’t get hit on. EVER. Okay, I take that back, I do get hit on, but not usually by people I’m potentially attracted to in return (read: cute guys). In case we haven’t figured out that I’m gay… So, here’s two potential boys: 1. […]


Hey skittles, So, if you’ve been wondering why the comic takes so long to update, I’ve actually been working on a side-project as of late. And school (which I don’t attend right now) and career (which is going well). And playing with Whitey. Anyway, I’m working on finishing my novel, Juice, and have decided that […]