Monthly Archives: October 2011

Free Stuff Trivia!

It’s trivia give-away again! I’ll give away one item from my Eccentricity 2.0 Official Online Store to the first person from either Facebook, Twitter or my Blog that gives me a correct answer. Today, we’ll have one question and I’ll pop up with another question and different prize in two weeks time. The prize: Men’s […]

Back Pain Not Averted

So, boxing on Thursday aggravated my injury something horrible. Locked up on me at the end of training, and showering/changing clothes was a two-hour long ordeal. Which also means that I can’t sit up for any period of time to finish drawing the comic. Comic is going to be delayed until I can sit for […]

Back Pain Averted!

Had a rather painful but invigorating massage today that just solved the whole inability to walk experienced from three days of grueling boxing training workout. Run on sentence. So, there’s that. And my advertisers are complaining of low traffic, but I took a freakin’ hiatus for a month to work on comic reboot. Speaking of […]