Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ribbons for Gallifrey One

I’m a ribbon dealer, I guess. Since ribbons are crack. Or a ribbon pimp. I’m not sure, just yet. Anyway, I have the following ribbons: Chameleon Circuit Stuck on Ribbon – I haven’t decided how to distribute this one yet. Drinking Buddies of Rassilon – Members of the Facebook Group get a ribbon, and anyone […]

Gallifrey One Convention Operations

WHAT WE DO We are the problem solving arm of the convention. ┬áTo do this, we assist the committee with things such as crowd control and the members with such things as the locations of places and events. ┬áThere is a system to all of this – it isn’t just random, nor are you as […]

Jones vs. Rua – Bitch, Please

While watching the Jones vs. Rua fight some time ago, the backhand that Jones fired off on Rua while mounted on his body made me think of a pimp slappin’ his hoe. So, these came from that. This isn’t my Photoshop class. I’m not going to spend the next couple of minutes tweaking the pimp […]

Help Stop SOPA

It appears our paranoid government with just a little too much power wants to further censor our freedoms akin to that of China and other countries. Are they afraid of the masses? Anyway, stop SOPA. From Tweet