Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gallifrey One 2012 Sunday Surprise

For the several hundred of us that staff the convention, we get a finger-foods dinner at the end as a great appreciation to our time and vast effort to bring about the convention for the 3000+ attendees this year. But, almost all of us had no idea that our Board Member and Head of Programming […]

GallyVid Vital Update

Hey guys, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reblog, retweet, repost. We’re about four days out from the best convention all year round and the best fan attempt at the “500 Miles” video. I’m turning over all filming duties to you, the fans that want to do it. Since I’m running Convention Operations this year, I may not […]

UNIT Soldier

Cosplay Guide For a few years, I’ve been cosplaying as a new UNIT Soldier (from Journey’s End) for a few Doctor Who and non-DW conventions. A few people have asked if they can join me as new UNIT, so I’ve prepared this guide of my costume pieces. While not canon, I created my own version […]

Gallifrey One 2012 Ribbons 5

The final order of ribbons has arrived. The colors were distorted by the fluorescent lighting, so they’re a little bluer than they should be. Also, I ended up ordering two different colors of ribbons for the 500 Rassilon ribbons. From left to right, top to bottom: I want to be Mr. Pond – These belong […]