Monthly Archives: March 2012

March Recap

Let’s recap most of March, shall we? I renewed my US Passport, thereby sealing my 236-lb fatness picture for ten years in official documentation. I dropped a deposit on a 7-night Mexican Riviera cruise for me and my 69-year-old mother, for the fall of 2012. Calliope, my Mazda 5 minivan, got her first smog check […]

Batman vs. GSP

I watched JLA: Doom for the second time in the past two weeks and then watched a UFC fight or two, and the thought occurred to me: In a UFC rules, five 5-minute rounds, title fight, who would win? Batman vs. GSP. Well, Batman would only be wearing his cowl…no bat gear. But that still […]

Not Your Typical Gay Man

I love puppies. I’m a techie. I adore IKEA, and enjoy trips to Home Depot. I fight train. I read crime, write murder stories, draw furries and butcher scifi themes on the violin. I can be your friend or the most vindictive bitch you’ve ever met. Hi, I’m Lee and I’m gay. And I will […]