Monthly Archives: April 2012

Fitness Vlog 002

I decided to test out the Gorilla tripod mounted in my car onto the holder I use for my cell phone. Which also totally means that I was handsfree while filming this and driving. And watching the road and cursing at a Prius driver. Stupid Prius LA douchebags. Anyway: Here’s the basic run-down of what […]

Short Story Idea – IQ Selection

Just tossing about a rough here. If you like what’s going on, I may pursue it and rewrite. This is all a very rough draft. —– The marbled halls of the university echoed with laughter and footsteps as Chris made his way to the exam room. He phone beeped–a message from his father, “Hope you […]

Dick Clark, Porn & The Police

There are two points here: How the fuck is the porn star death greater news than Dick Clark dying? And, when will Police be stopped from over-tasering people, or receive adequate taser training period? It seems that the Huffington Post for Los Angeles has deemed the story of a downed porn star through excessive Police […]