Monthly Archives: May 2012

Intellectual Properties

RS Comics has several intellectual properties that it owns and that it uses by permission. We claim copyright where appropriate. We also respect any infringement of copyright and will handle DMCA violations appropriately. “Recycled Sushi”, “Lee Almodovar” and/or “RS Comics” are the legal entities behind copyright and/or trademark ownership of properties within this website’s body […]

I’m a Furry

Yeah, the last article was me pushing a t-shirt. I like people wearing my stuff. Anyway, I’m a furry. I know the fur fandom is a weird and scary place, but so is the Doctor Who fandom, Trekkies vs. Trekkers, Star Wars geeks, Comic Book nerds, Big Bang Theory geeks, and LARPers. I could go […]

No Homo

IF you, as a male reader, are secure in your sexuality and not threatened by the gay men of the world, then you and those around you at the gym should be fully able to take this shirt in stride, because it is not a homosexual statement. It is a statement of fashion to your […]