Monthly Archives: June 2012

Of QA Within

A dimly lit conference room tucked away in a building high above a town bordering a large refinery. In it, the City’s top developers and QA engineers gather to discuss the most recent tragedy. The refinery overloaded and shot pointy, capped-off pipes through business, schools and private homes. No casualties reported, but this was just […]

Juice – An Observation

My friend is currently reviewing the incomplete manuscript for “Juice”. I plan on finishing it, but I feel it needs a story overhaul before I can continue. Anyway, I took a good chunk of it and fed it through word cloud generator Wordle to arrive at this little bit of artistic wonder: Appears I really […]

Blake, Q.A.

Yeah, you know what? I don’t like drawing Eccentricity anymore. That’s why E-1.0 ended and it’s why E-2.0 is going to end. Sure, I’m just stopping mid-start of the new storyline, but I don’t care. I really like the Eccentricity world, but I just don’t want to explore those characters anymore. I have a new […]