Monthly Archives: July 2012

Official Hiatus

I still add to my blog, but I’m pretty much taking an official break from the webcomic to flesh out ideas for “Blake, Q.A.” and continue work on my Sketchbook Project for 2013. But, in essence, there will be few drawing updates to the comic side of this website. I much prefer to write at […]

Writing Exercise: Plants

A scar runs down the center of the leaf, about two levels above the lower bound of the leaves, hovering a few inches above my laptop screen. Perched on its tip is a pristine droplet of water. It threatens to drop into the keyboard below, but never fulfills its mission. The other plant rests just […]

San Diego Comic Con

I had fun. I went to one panel that was boring. I don’t think I walked upstairs at all. Didn’t cosplay. Spent a good chunk of time at the Hilton for no reason (other than waiting for people or charging my phone). Shuffled through the exhibit hall a lot. Saw Grant Imahara again. We have […]

Happy Dance

I have happy songs. Some songs energize me to help my workouts. This one energizes me to just dance. In the car, on a plane, walking, running or–in this case–in my bedroom. I can't seem to control my face with this song. It just morphs into a weird, creepy, eerie happy face. Will you join […]