Monthly Archives: August 2012

Fun FB Status Update

Have you ever been sitting around wondering, “Do my friends actually notice what I’m updating from?” You know, like when FB states “…via iPhone” or “…via Android” or “…via web” and you wanted to change that to something else? How ’bout everyone’s favorite yellow-and-orange dog, Whitey‘s Ear? Yeah, you heard me right. Whitey’s freakin’ cute […]

I’ve Been Sick

So, I’ve been sick since Sunday, the evening of the 26th. It started with vomiting in the evening and hurting my throat. I assumed the sore throat was a result of that. I visited my doctor on Monday afternoon and he thought it was food poisoning and suggested I sweat it out on Tuesday. Well, […]

Kitty Geeky Random

I give you the fruits of a late night work session waiting to start work, I find a kitty auto-meowed to the “Game of Thrones” theme. P.S, when I find time, the new domain should end up looking prettier than it does now. But, don’t you love my happy dance? Tweet

Great Aunt Passed

I’m not sure of her actual age, but I know it was in the latter 90s. Like my grandfather, she had many children and contributed to the bigness of our family. Unlike my other great-aunt, she was caring and nurturing. She created sweets and treats to sell to the neighborhood to support her family, and […]