Monthly Archives: October 2012

Good Customer Service Continued

A continuation of this article, Good Customer Service, we continue my discourse with American Airlines via Twitter on their cookie stance in First Class. I understand that it’s a marketing ploy. But, it’s still kind of mean from one of the longest running Legacy airlines. Waft food smell through an aircraft. At least when Starbucks […]

Good Customer Service

I’ve always been a fan of good customer service skills. Maybe it’s because I worked for one of the kings of customer service, brainwashing, Disneyland Resort. I worked in the Stores and was very well versed in lying through my teeth, er…I mean, um…stellar guest experience with a genuine smile. But the job made me […]

Singing While Driving

Let is be known that I will sing when provoked while driving. I know I have horrible intonation, but this won’t stop me from belting out a few tunes while driving. And sometimes while taping. But, this is why I play the violin instead. Tweet

Whore Parenting

Before I dive into the wonder that is my whore of an aunt and her delightful parenting style, Whitey got a bath and is bright orange and is wearing a bandana: I learned of a parenting tidbit that happened about ten years ago involving my aunt, who seems to lack any sort of parenting instinct. […]