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An Exercise in Machismo

This past weekend I attended Comic Con International’s smaller must-visit comic and pop-culture media con: WonderCon. It was debuting two things: a new venue in sunny downtown Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center and a new badge checking system based on proximity cards and badge swipe stations. But all that flash wasn’t what drew […]

ConOps Webcomic

There was something said in the general ether that you should create what you know. So, after a long time of not drawing much because I hated drawing Anubis’ stupid head, I decided that I would do something based on Convention Operations as I know it. At first, I wanted to satisfy my need to […]

City Wants Us To Put In Grass – Part I

California is in a severe drought status at present. That goes without saying, for the most part. We recently received notice from our city of Paramount that we’re required to install grass in our dirt front yard as part of city beautification. In any other non-drought period, this would be fine. But, we can’t water […]