About The Author

From Lee’s Prism Comics Profile:

“Bio: Lee started working in the comics industry as a QA Tester for the Ultimate Spider-man videogame back in 2005. The love of the comics industry moved his creative work beyond that of video games into the webcomic world. His current comic, Eccentricity follows the life of a gay man and his odd half-cat/half-dog pets and their supernatural adventures.

Lee’s talents were mostly self-taught, but many of his mentors are close friends and creators within the print comics industry. When he’s not trying to draw the dogs shedding or chasing their tails, Lee is a Localization Quality Assurance engineer and a very weird person.”

Lee’s MobyGames Developer Profile.

I’ve been told by friends that I tend to be a Jack of All Trades, but a Master of Few. It seems to be true. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder when I was in 3rd grade, and graduated to Adult ADHD when I turned 18. My mother, fearing that I’d become someone she wouldn’t recognize as her son, refused to place me on a medical regimen cocktail of drugs, so I ended up going unmedicated. I’m still unmedicated, but have learned over the last decade how to suppress, control, harness, and hyperfocus my “gift”.

I’m an accomplished classical violinist, having studied for the past 14 years. I haven’t played in about ten, though, so I’m not sure if I can make a violin sing or mimic the mating calls of feral cats. I’ve always been a fiction writer; my mother having works of mine from an age as early as four years old. Fully illustrated books about my pet Tony, a small rabbit. Since then, I’ve written many works that are either self-published, not finished, or ongoing work because I can’t seem to stick to one talent.

Professionally, I’m a Quality Assurance Test Engineer. In the past, I served time with the US Department of Homeland Security and Disneyland Resort. My gaming QA resume includes stints at EA Mobile, Sony Pictures Digital and Activision. I’m credited for the QA department on theĀ  Ultimate Spider-Man video game.

The comic, like many of my other random talents, was just something I started to occupy time and keep me focused on a daily goal. After I hit a writer’s roadblock on my NaNoWriMo submission novel, Juice, I set out to start drawing to refocus my ADHD tendencies. As such, the webcomic occupies an otherwise prone-to-trouble eclectic mind. Samples of my early work can be found on the Fiction Press website.

Artistically, I can’t seem to get everything I want on paper, so I do what I can, mostly. I used to be really into video and special effects editing. I still am, but have since been so focused on my work, university and webcomic thingies that I haven’t done much else recently. Some of it can be found on my personal blog, also listed in the Links section.